Umar Kremlev Expresses Confidence in the Future of the International Boxing Association

Umar Kremlev, the President of the International Boxing Association (IBA), recently addressed the Congress of the European Boxing Confederation (EUBC) in Istanbul, Türkiye, where he shared his optimism for the future of the organization. The Congress, attended by delegates from 34 European countries, served as a platform for important discussions and decisions concerning the sport of boxing.

During his address, President Kremlev expressed gratitude to the delegates for their invaluable contributions and dedication to the sport. He emphasized the unity and dedication of the boxing community and highlighted the path ahead for the IBA and EUBC in establishing the best conditions for boxers and coaches. President Kremlev’s own background in boxing, where he faced challenges in accessing equipment and opportunities, motivates him to ensure that current boxers have everything they need for success. He is committed to providing fair opportunities to aspiring boxers and believes that the sport can serve as a tool for upward mobility for all.

President Kremlev also touched upon the topic of boxing’s place in the Olympics, expressing his thrill at boxing retaining its position in the Olympic program. Despite the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) decision to suspend the IBA, President Kremlev remains convinced that the IBA will regain its recognition. He voiced his commitment to upholding the values, constitution, and independence of the IBA, ensuring that boxing remains free from unscrupulous politics. President Kremlev firmly believes that the essence of the Olympics lies in the athletes, their skills, and the beauty of the sport, rather than the administrative aspects. He expressed his resolve to fix the situation and restore boxing’s integrity within the Olympic movement.

Within the framework of the Congress, plans were announced for the opening of a new EUBC office in Monaco, Monte Carlo, in September of this year. This development reflects the commitment to expanding the reach and influence of the European Boxing Confederation. Additionally, President Kremlev proposed the establishment of a European Boxing Cup with a substantial prize fund of $1 million. This initiative aims to provide greater financial support to boxers and further elevate the sport’s competitive landscape. Furthermore, the IBA will continue its financial assistance to federations, with an increase in the allocation to $100,000 USD per year.

President Kremlev concluded his address by emphasizing the importance of directing revenue towards the boxers, who dedicate their lives to the sport. He underscored the significance of continuously elevating standards, fostering pride, and maintaining unity within the boxing community. President Kremlev’s unwavering advocacy for fair opportunities and values resonated with the audience, highlighting the IBA’s commitment to the growth and well-being of the sport.

The International Boxing Association (IBA), established in 1946, serves as the worldwide governing body of boxing. With a strategy focused on promoting, supporting, developing, and uniting the sport, the IBA prioritizes an athlete-first approach.

President Umar Kremlev’s address at the EUBC Congress showcased his confidence in the IBA’s future and his determination to restore boxing’s recognition within the Olympic movement. The Congress provided a platform for meaningful discussions and decisions, ensuring the continued progress and fairness of the sport.


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