A New Era of CBDC Transactions: IsSettled’s Worldwide Network Unveils the Future

In an ever-evolving financial landscape, where cross-border transactions have grown exponentially in volume and complexity, the G20’s endorsement of a roadmap for improving these transactions marks a significant stride forward. The roadmap, sculpted with the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure of the Bank for International Settlements (CPMI), and many influential international organizations, sets the stage for the future. Here, regional banks process thousands to millions of transactions daily while banking titans like HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank grapple with millions due to their extensive global reach.

Amidst this intricate financial tapestry emerges IsSettled, heralding a transformative solution for the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) era.

The Nexus of Technology and Finance: IsSettled’s Solution

Harnessing the potency of an API-driven global network, IsSettled presents a solution that seamlessly amalgamates tokenization systems and transaction ledgers. It provides a channel for participants to dynamically exchange financial data using ISO 20022, orchestrate FX transactions, and efficiently clear and settle an expansive range of cross-border payments in real-time and available round-the-clock.

No Boundaries: The Global Network

Financial institutions can now engage on a global scale without intermediaries. This unique platform, devoid of traditional barriers, enables entities to sculpt their networks, refine partnerships, and control credit provisions on IsSettled’s state-of-the-art digital accounts. The ramifications? Amplified liquidity, augmented lending, and a rejuvenated global payments sector.

Speed and Security: Real-Time Transactions

The integration of ISO 20022 payment messages catapults the transaction process into the future. With tokenized liquidity, IsSettled ensures that clearing and interbank settlements are swift, secure, and impeccably traceable, whether on a net or gross basis.

The Digital Alchemy: Asset Tokenization

IsSettled’s innovative framework allows for the tokenization, transfer, and redemption of many assets. This system, fortified by a universal standard, transforms how assets—from currencies to precious metals—are managed and digitized. It paves the way for dynamic cross-currency liquidity, vital for international payments, trading, and settlements.

Revolutionizing FX: Real-Time Quotations

IsSettled’s integrated FX Market RFQ system revolutionizes how institutions approach foreign exchange. They can now seamlessly trade tokenized assets without intermediaries or prohibitive commission fees, all within a vibrant marketplace that operates ceaselessly.

Financial behemoths like Visa, Mastercard, and SWIFT closely monitor DLT, CBDC, and asset tokenization developments. IsSettled’s foray into CBDC transactions is undeniably groundbreaking. As the era of digital currencies beckons, IsSettled isn’t just embracing the future; it’s defining it, proving that the confluence of technology and finance is where the future truly lies.


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