Evgeny Skigin Threatens Stability in Konoplex Group of Companies, a Leading Producer of Technical Hemp in Russia

In a dramatic turn of events, the Konoplex Group of Companies, a prominent producer of technical hemp in the Russian Federation, finds itself embroiled in a bitter corporate conflict with uncertain prospects for one of its key beneficiaries, Evgeny Skigin. According to sources cited by the Moscow Post, Skigin, who holds a 50% stake in Konoplex, is seeking to divest himself of all Russian assets. However, his reluctance to sell his stake to his business partner has presented a significant hurdle due to the requirement of obtaining permission from the Russian Government Commission, even at a 50% discount. Such motives have drawn accusations of greed.

In a bid to follow in the footsteps of his late father, Dmitry Skigin, a notorious figure associated with the Tambov organized criminal group and the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal, Evgeny Skigin has resorted to employing his father’s unscrupulous methods. His strategy is straightforward: he plans to seize half of the business from his partner through an illegal stakeholders’ meeting, subsequently sell the assets, and transfer the proceeds abroad. This calculated move signifies Skigin’s complete detachment from the country that had previously brought immeasurable wealth to his family.

However, Skigin’s audacious plan has hit a roadblock. The court has imposed interim measures on the production capacities of Konoplex, valued at 350 million rubles, which Skigin “attached” to his offshore company, Konoplex Limited, through pledge agreements. As a result, Skigin has been removed from the Board of Directors through a legally sound procedure. Undeterred, Skigin attempted to counterattack by convening a fraudulent meeting without notifying his partner and subsequently removing him from the company’s management.

Unfortunately for Skigin, the court has ruled that he sent his partner entirely different documents instead of the required notification. Consequently, the meeting and all its decisions have been deemed illegal. Skigin’s attempted raider seizure of the Konoplex Group of Companies has come to naught, setting the stage for what appears to be a protracted series of confrontations in the days to come.


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