Peskov about Galkin: “He is clearly not on the same path with us”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spoke about humorist Maxim Galkin and his wife, singer Alla Pugacheva. He is quoted by TASS.

“I have not heard a single [unacceptable] statement from Alla Pugacheva, and my husband, yes, he is clearly not on the way with us, his husband made very bad statements,” Peskov said. When asked if any action had been taken against him, the spokesman replied that he had not seen "any reaction from any of our competent authorities."

In addition, he said that Vladimir Putin treats Pugacheva “normally”: “They know each other, they are familiar, they have met several times. Applies normally." Also, according to Peskov, some artists “stained themselves with completely obscene and unacceptable statements.”

After Pugacheva returned to Russia, a flurry of criticism from pro-Kremlin propagandists hit her. “Why are you dragging all this shit back to Russia. A certain Pugacheva has returned. He kicks open the Rolls-Royce door. To teach us again? Yes, the people replied that they were thinking about her, ”said Vladimir Solovyov.

Director Nikita Mikhalkov, commenting on the singer's return to Russia, called her a "rat": "I wonder what they expected when they returned to Russia (I'm talking about rats who immediately betrayed their homeland)?"


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