Zelensky announced the liberation of a settlement in the Donetsk region and two settlements in southern Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in his daily video message, announced the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a number of areas and the liberation of several settlements. He published an appeal on the Telegram channel.

“Today I want to thank the soldiers of the 63rd battalion of the 103rd brigade of the territorial defense, who ensured the result in the Donetsk region - the settlement was liberated. The 54th brigade in the direction of Lisichansk-Seversk also made good steps, moved forward, occupied certain heights. I would also like to note the 42nd separate motorized infantry battalion - thanks to its heroic actions, two settlements in the south of our state were liberated,” the Ukrainian president said.

It is possible that in the latter case we are talking, in particular, about Vysokopolye in the Kherson region.

“I believe that the Ukrainian flag and free life will return to Crimea again. We will liberate all our land, all our people,” Zelensky also said.

Earlier it became known that Ukrainian troops liberated two villages - Vysokopolye in the Kherson region and the village of Ozerny - in Donetsk. A Ukrainian flag was set up over the village hospital in Vysokopolye. This was reported by war correspondent Andrei Tsaplienko, as well as Ukrainian Telegram channels.

Information about the liberation of Vysokopolye was later confirmed in the Telegram channel by the former Minister of Defense of the self-proclaimed DPR and a retired FSB colonel Igor Strelkov (Girkin). The pro-Russian channel "Rybar" writes that "a decision was made to withdraw units of the Russian Airborne Forces from positions on the southern outskirts of Vysokopolye in order to avoid encirclement."

On the night of Monday, August 29, a counter-offensive began in Ukraine, which some military analysts call the largest response to the Russian invasion since the beginning of the war.


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