The Novosibirsk scientist was accused of “treason” in favor of China. He was taken from the hospital to the Moscow detention center

On June 30, FSB officers, right in the hospital, detained a Novosibirsk scientist Dmitry Kolker, who heads the laboratory of quantum optical technologies at Novosibirsk State University, on a case of "treason". The son of the scientist told about this to the publication “Taiga. Info". At the hospital, Kolker was undergoing treatment - he had the last stage of cancer. Now they want to put him in a pre-trial detention center in Moscow.

"He was accused of providing the People's Republic of China with data containing state secrets," the scientist's son said. He was unable to clarify the article of the Criminal Code (CC), because the investigators spoke of the "secrecy" of the case.

Kolker did give lectures at a Chinese university, but they were held in Russian at the request of the "security officer" who accompanied the scientist. At some lectures, the scientist talked about spectroscopy and the basic principles of lidar operation.

“Absolutely all reports at international conferences are certified in special departments that they do not contain state secrets. An FSB officer was with him everywhere, who flew with him to China, forbade him to speak English and speak in English, ”said the scientist’s son.

A criminal case against Kolker, according to Taiga. Info”, may be related to the persecution of the scientific director of the Institute of Laser Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Bagaev. At this institute, Kolker heads the Laboratory of Quantum Optical Technologies. The head of the institute is accused of fraud on an especially large scale because of a contract for 2 million rubles, concluded between the institute and its own "daughter" - the intersectoral scientific and technical association "Siberian Laser Center". This company is also headed by Bagaev.

Kolker's accusations can be based on the testimony of the defendants in this and several other cases.

Now the scientist's family fears for his life: during the treatment, Kolker was fed "through a tube in a vein," his son says. “The investigator told my mother that there <in the pre-trial detention center - The Insider> there are great conditions, there is a refrigerator. A person eats from a tube in a vein, not from a refrigerator,” he said.

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