Putin: “If G7 leaders strip to the waist, it will be a disgusting sight”

If the leaders of the G7 countries undress, it will be a "disgusting sight," said Russian President Vladimir Putin. So he commented on a joke made at the G7 summit about whether they should undress to show that they are "cooler" than the Russian president.

“I don’t know how they wanted to undress: to the waist, below the waist, but I think it would be a disgusting sight,” Putin told reporters.

He also quoted the poet Alexander Pushkin, who said that "you can be a smart person and think about the beauty of your nails." “Everything in a person should be harmonious: both the soul and the body. But in order for everything to be so harmonious, you need to give up alcohol abuse and other bad habits, go in for physical culture, sports, ”the Russian president said.

The joke at the G7 summit was made on June 28, during lunch. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sitting down at the table, asked if they should take off their jackets. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by suggesting that they wait until the official photo was taken before undressing. Johnson then joked that in this way the leaders "should show that we are cooler than Putin."

American Daily Newspaper

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