A man denounced a friend for criticizing the war for the sake of “re-education”

Left: scammer Sergei Chmykhun. Right: his friend Oleg Belousov

In St. Petersburg, the security forces tore out the door from the wall to the apartment of the St. Petersburg amateur searcher Oleg Belousov, after which they searched and detained. Belousov is raising a disabled son and opposes the war. In a local chat of St. Petersburg "diggers", he wrote criticism of Vladimir Putin, the Russian military, and spoke out against the war in Ukraine. For this, a friend of Belousov wrote a denunciation against him and transferred access to his Vkontakte account to the E center, whose employees read the chat and collected messages with criticism. During a search of Belousov, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, they found “heraldic signs from the times of Nazi Germany, five cartridges from the times of the Second World War and a knife.”

This is reported by the publication "Feat". The journalists talked to the scammer, Sergei Chmykhun. Before the war, the men often talked, Chmykhun sold a metal detector to Belousov, both corresponded a lot and chatted with St. Petersburg diggers. After the start of the war, Belousov began to criticize Putin and write in a chat about his attitude to the war. As Chmykhun told reporters, after disputes about war crimes and messages like “Putler is a bald bastard,” Sergei lost his temper - he wanted Oleg to “realize everything and re-educate.”

According to Chmykhun, he argued to Belousov that in fact the Ukrainians fabricated what happened in Bucha, and Russian soldiers do not rape anyone.

“As for delusions, I tried to convince him for two weeks,” says Chmykhun. - I explained to him that this position cannot be possible. This is not one day he drank or something else, not one, not two, not three. I have known him for about three years. The fact that he used to be against the authorities and Putin is politics, United Russia does not like it - the flag in hand. But here, it turns out, he’s not even Vlasov, but the UPA.”

The man boasted that after his denunciation, all critics of the war fell silent and did not write anything to the chat, because they knew that he could complain about them to the Office for Combating Extremism. The millions in fines and a prison term that threaten Belousov, who alone is raising his son, Chmykhun does not seem to be a problem, because "Oleg has a car, two apartments and records of 30 thousand rubles each."

Later, he sent journalists screenshots from Avito, where Belousov was selling rare coins, tokens, cockades and other search engine finds. There are also records - however, their cost is much lower than 30,000 rubles. However, they are unlikely to be able to help Belousov's 21-year-old son Daniil, who is experiencing difficulties in everyday life due to disability.

American Daily Newspaper

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