Discrimination, bullying, sex work: in Europe, queer refugees from Ukraine face dangers that are invisible to most

It is believed that the issues of gender and sexuality during the war should fade into the background, as the war equalizes everyone. In fact, during any humanitarian crisis, queer people are exposed to particular risks and threats: increased levels of violence, lack of access to medical, psychological and other assistance due to social exclusion, problems at the border. Queers have a much harder time migrating and applying for asylum than heteronormatives and especially couples. In Russia, it is impossible for them to obtain asylum, in the West, many queer people are regularly denied it. But even having fled the war to a European country, queer people from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are still in danger.

Global greening. Europe faces its worst energy crisis since 1973 this winter, drastically accelerating the green transition

The economic confrontation between Russia and Western countries since the beginning of the war in Ukraine has already led to a situation of a global energy crisis. In terms of its scale, it may well surpass the consequences of the oil embargo in 1973. Many experts agree that the coming winter will be the biggest energy crisis for Europe. In the worst-case scenario, residents of some countries may be left with little or no heating in winter, and some businesses will be forced to close. At the same time, Europe’s desire not to depend on Russian gas should accelerate its transition to clean energy.