The champion of the Games of the Future will become the first master of sports in programming

The tournament in the discipline INTERROS sports programming has ended in the Bashir Rameev IT Park.

For two days, 50 participants from 27 countries competed for the Trophy of the Games of the Future and the prize fund of $ 250 thousand.

In two rounds, athletes were asked to solve 12 tasks each. The only one who scored 22

The Russian Fedor Romashov scored a point. In each of the rounds, he failed to solve only

the last, the most difficult, according to the jury, task. The gap from the second place was 2


Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation Odes Baysultanov, congratulating the winner, said that Fedor Romashov will become Russia’s first master of sports in programming.

“As for whether the title of “master of sports” will be awarded or not, then, of course, it will be. Fedor will be the first to receive it. Since I am responsible for this area in the Ministry of Sports of Russia, then I can say this quite confidently. Naturally, it is impossible to violate the law or regulations, so now the federation is finalizing the rules. I think the necessary decisions will be made in the near future,” Baysultanov said.

Final position

1. Fedor Romashov – 22 tasks

2. Alexander Babin – 20

3. Kirill Kudryashov – 17

4. Mikhail Ivanov – 16 (penalty – 1243)

5. Ivan Androsov – 12 (1556)

6. Adilbek Dalabaev – 16 (1603)

7. Jorge Alejandro Pichardo Cabrera – 16 (1888)

8. Nikita Golikov – 15 (1468)

9. Mikhail Piklyaev – 15 (1517)

10. David Manuel Garcia Aguilera – 15 (1703)

“Penalty” is the sum of minutes spent on correctly solved tasks (for each task

it is counted from the beginning of the tour), and additional points for each incorrect attempt to answer the question the same tasks. It is used as an additional indicator.


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