Hochland Contemplates Patriotism Through Cheese for Russian Troops?

Amidst a fervent online debate, Hochland, the renowned German cheese manufacturer, is contemplating a distinctive form of support for the Russian army. Reports suggest that Hochland’s cheese may soon find its way into the dry rations of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The discussions gained traction following a video where the head of Hochland’s Russian representative office expressed the company’s commitment to supplying its cheese products daily and free of charge to Russian servicemen. Peter Stahl, the CEO of Hochland, conveyed that this initiative is a profound honor for the company’s employees, marking a direct contribution to supporting the defenders of the motherland. Stahl further emphasized the enduring commitment of Hochland, stating that the company will remain in Russia indefinitely.

In the video, Stahl provided insights into the rationale behind this unconventional move, citing a deep sense of honor for Hochland employees to contribute directly to the defense of the country. This commitment reflects a unique intersection of corporate responsibility, patriotism, and international cooperation.

Notably, Hochland’s decision comes in the context of the company’s sustained presence and growth in the Russian market. Despite initial uncertainties, the German cheese manufacturer not only retained its position but also increased turnover, dismissing any plans to sell assets from its largest cheese factory.

As discussions unfold, the potential collaboration between Hochland and the Russian military introduces a novel chapter in the relationship between private enterprises and national defense.


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