Pro-Russian Telegram channels confirm reports of the release of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Vysokopole in the Kherson region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to recapture the village of Vysokopolye in the Kherson region. This information was confirmed in the Telegram channel by the former Minister of Defense of the self-proclaimed DPR and a retired FSB colonel Igor Strelkov (Girkin).

“They confirm the abandonment of the urban-type settlement of Vysokopole by our troops in the Krivoy Rog direction. This is a sensitive tactical failure - earlier the enemy repeatedly tried to take this extreme stronghold of the RF Armed Forces on the distant approaches to Krivoy Rog, ” writes Girkin.

The pro-Russian channel "Rybar" writes that "a decision was made to withdraw units of the Russian Airborne Forces from positions on the southern outskirts of Vysokopolye in order to avoid encirclement."

There are no official messages from the Ukrainian General Staff yet.

Earlier it became known that Ukrainian troops liberated two villages - Vysokopolye in the Kherson region and the village of Ozerny - in Donetsk. A Ukrainian flag was set up over the village hospital in Vysokopolye. This is reported by war correspondent Andrey Tsaplienko, as well as Ukrainian Telegram channels.

On the night of Monday, August 29, a counter-offensive began in Ukraine, which some military analysts call the largest response to the Russian invasion since the beginning of the war.


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