A military unit in Tuva promises a conscientious objector to “forgive” the shorts and socks given to him if he returns to the war in Ukraine

The military unit in Tuva is trying to return to the war a man who refused to serve, promising to “forgive” the underpants and socks given to him. The public movement "New Tuva" writes about this with reference to his wife.

According to her, when the dismissal order was issued, the spouse was asked to hand over to the warehouse of the military unit all the clothes and ammunition received during the service. He turned in everything except 7 pairs of shorts, 9 pairs of winter socks and 22 pairs of summer socks. The man simply could not find similar ones in stores, including military ones.

Despite the fact that all the things received have already been written off according to the law, the debt to the state was written down on the objector. As his wife said, they were also called from the military unit and promised that “everything will be forgiven”, even socks and underpants, if the man is restored under the contract and goes to Ukraine at his own expense.

After the Tuvan refused to go to war, his military ID was marked with a note that he was predisposed to betrayal. Because of this, he, according to his wife, can not get a job.

One of the Russian soldiers who refused to fight in Ukraine told The Insider about the torture he experienced. He and other refuseniks were kept in the basement, beaten, threatened with shooting in the knees, and starved and thirsty, forced to return to the war. As a result, he agreed to go to Ukraine, where he was injured and was able to return to Russia. Now he intends to apply to the Investigative Committee.


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