Alexei Navalny was sent to the ShIZO for not keeping his hands behind his back during the escort

Politician and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Alexei Navalny was re-sent to a punishment cell for 5 days. This was reported on his Instagram.

The reason for the placement was that during the previous escort to the ShIZO, Navalny did not hold his hands behind his back for three seconds.

“I am back in the ShIZO. In programming, this is called an "infinite loop". They put them in a ShIZO for three days for an unbuttoned button. In the ShIZO they lead along the corridor: “Hands behind your back!”. "Uh-huh," I put my hands behind my back. But I usually walked for three seconds. No hands behind your back. He committed a crime!” Navalny writes.

According to him, the order to be placed in the ShIZO came “from Moscow”: “Even by the standards of the Russian ShIZO prison, three seconds of hands not behind your back is too much.”

On August 15, Navalny was sent to the ShIZO for the first time. The formal reason was that he “regularly unbuttons” the top button of his prison uniform while in the industrial zone. The politician himself and his associates consider this revenge for the creation of a trade union for prisoners, which Navalny announced shortly before.

Then Navalny was placed in a ShIZO for three days, but they promised to make the detention center his "permanent residence" if he did not "reconsider his attitude."

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