Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation: Other persons, except for Natalia Vovk, may be involved in the murder of Daria Dugina

Persons other than Natalya Vovk may be involved in the murder of Daria Dugina, the Russian Investigative Committee said . Their identities are established. Vovk herself is going to be put on the wanted list.

It is also reported that searches are being carried out in the apartment that Vovk rented in Moscow.

Earlier today (August 23), politicians and public figures spoke at farewell to Daria Dugina at the Ostankino television center, in their speeches they blamed Ukraine and the “demonic West” for what had happened.

The car of 29-year-old Darya Dugina exploded on the evening of August 20 in the Moscow region, she died on the spot. Two days after the car bombing, the Federal Security Service announced that the murder had been carried out by Ukrainian special services. According to the FSB, the perpetrator of the murder is Ukrainian Natalya Vovk.

In Ukraine, involvement in the murder of Dugina is denied .

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