During the shelling of a hostel in Kharkov, the mother of a Ukrainian athlete, winner of the national championship, died

As a result of a missile attack on a hostel in the Slobodsky district of Kharkov, the mother of Ukrainian athlete Kateryna Tabashnik died. The 28-year-old athlete announced this on her Instagram page .

“The Russian world took my mother's life. He freed me from my home and my whole life, ”wrote Ekaterina.

The athlete also said that she was going to Ukraine and is now on the road.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the shelling of two dormitories in Kharkov, as a result of which "more than 90 militants were destroyed." According to the department, they housed foreign mercenaries.

On the evening of August 17 and on the night of August 18, the Russian military shelled two dormitories in Kharkov. The first is in the Saltovsky district, the second is in Slobodsky. According to the latest data, 17 people died and 42 were injured. Among the dead was an 11-year-old boy.

Ekaterina Tabashnik was born in Kharkov. In 2013, she became the European Junior High Jump Champion. In 2018, at the Ukrainian Championship, Ekaterina won silver, and at the European Championship in Berlin, she took 5th place.

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