Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the destruction of two Russian ammunition depots in Muzykovka and Nova Kakhovka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two warehouses with ammunition of the Russian military in Muzykovka and Nova Kakhovka. This is stated in the summary of the Operational Command "South".

The OK also reported on other successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the destruction of bases, equipment and soldiers of the Russian army:

“Our army aviation inflicted two strikes on the enemy’s strongholds in the Bashtansky district, and by the results of performing fire missions, the rocket and artillery units reduced the occupying army by 1️5 rashists, 1 T-72 tank, and 4 more units of armored and automotive equipment. In Muzykovka and Novaya Kakhovka, 2 enemy ammunition depots were destroyed. The final losses of the enemy are being reconnoitered."

After the first deliveries of Western long-range weapons arrived in Russia, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to regularly report on the destruction of Russian military depots. So, on the night of July 2-3, Ukrainians attacked Kursk, Belgorod and Melitopol, occupied by the Russian military. According to the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, as a result of the strikes, 200 Russian soldiers were killed and another 300 were injured.

American Daily Newspaper

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