Amnesty International to engage independent experts to review its report on Ukraine – dpa

The human rights organization Amnesty International will verify its report that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are deploying forces in residential areas with the help of independent experts. This was reported by the agency dpa and Deutsche Welle.

“The report did not pay due attention to Russian aggression in violation of international law and the numerous war crimes committed by the Russian military and documented by Amnesty International. The findings were not communicated with the delicacy and precision expected from Amnesty. This also applies to subsequent communication and the reaction of the International Secretariat to public criticism. We condemn the instrumentalization of the press release by the Russian authorities,” AI said.

Now the verification of the AI ​​report is initiated at the international level. Reviewers should review the processes and decisions that preceded publication, the study itself, the material preparation process, and the legal and policy analysis of the report. Also in AI they believe that it is necessary to pay attention to the power decisions within the team and the dynamics at the heart of its organization.

The report in question was published on 4 August. It states that the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine violated international humanitarian law by turning civilian objects into military targets. Human rights activists claim that the Ukrainian military carried out strikes from residential areas in at least 19 settlements. At the same time, they allegedly had safe alternatives - military bases, dense forests, or outlying buildings.

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