The court in Yekaterinburg fined the ex-deputy director of the lyceum, whose students performed a parody dance with elements of twerk

A court in Yekaterinburg fined Lilia Ardasheva, former deputy director for educational work of Lyceum No. 12, for 40,000 rubles for promoting non-traditional sexual relations among minors.

The reason was a parody dance with elements of twerk and cheerleading in belts, which the students of the lyceum performed at the last call. It is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the court.

“Ardasheva L.V. was found guilty of committing an administrative offense under Part 1 of Art. 6.21 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation, she was sentenced to an administrative penalty in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 40,000 (forty thousand) rubles, ”the court release says.

Previously, Ardasheva resigned from the Lyceum of her own free will after she was reprimanded. When the performance of schoolchildren received public outcry, the Department of Education began an investigation. A reprimand was also made to the director of the educational institution, Lyubov Kuleva.

The Minister of Education and Youth Policy of the Sverdlovsk Region, Yuri Biktuganov, said that Kulyova should be fired, the head of the region, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, opposed this. As a result, the deputy director Ardasheva quit the lyceum.

At the end of May, a video of the parody dance of students at the last bell appeared on local social networks. Young people in the footage twerk in shorts and pink T-shirts, and then take off their T-shirts and continue to perform in harnesses. The Yekaterinburg mayor's office said that "the content was poorly chosen by the children when watching popular youth clips, which led to an unsuccessful performance," and "the dance did not involve LGBT propaganda."

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