Russia refuses to provide accurate information about Ukrainian prisoners of war who died in Yelenovka – Ukrainian Defense Ministry

The Russian authorities refuse to provide access to accurate information about the Ukrainian prisoners of war who died in the prison in Yelenovka. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar.

“Today, there is no exact information about who exactly and how many died in Yelenovka. Since the Russian Federation does not provide access to this information, despite Ukraine's appeals to international organizations that could help in this situation. The establishment is currently ongoing, ”she said during a briefing.

The explosion in the prisoner-of-war colony in Yelenovka occurred on July 29. As a result, 53 people died and 130 were injured. The DPR blamed Ukraine for the attack, claiming that the strike was allegedly caused by a HIMARS projectile. This version was later refuted by CNN investigators who studied videos, photos, satellite images, as well as the work of forensic and weapons experts.

Two days after the explosion, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russia had officially invited experts from the UN and the International Committee of the Red Cross to investigate the attack. However, they were never able to get there - instead of them, the Russian authorities brought Steven Seagal, propagandists and experts from the DPRK to Yelenovka.

American Daily Newspaper

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