“They threatened to rape me and started pulling down my pants.” FSB officers beat a Krasnoyarsk citizen for trying to paint over Zheleznogorsk with the letter Z

FSB officers beat a resident of the Krasnoyarsk region, who tried to paint over one of the letters "Z" in the name of the closed city of Zheleznogorsk. It is reported by Taiga.Info. A resident of Zheleznogorsk, Roman Balyasin, was riding a bicycle home at night and saw the name of the city displayed in separate letters. The letter "z" was replaced by "z". He stopped and began to paint over it, and suddenly unknown people attacked him.

“I decided to paint over this letter. He walked away and received a blow from behind from the darkness,” said Balyasin. - That is, an unknown person crept up behind me. I swung him around and he fell. I tell him: “What are you, what do you need, calm down.” And went to the bike. I thought it was some [stranger] person who saw me and decided to beat me up.”

However, the stranger was not alone. The baluster took a few more steps, after which several people pointed flashlights at him and ordered him to lie down "face to the floor." It turned out that they were FSB officers in civilian clothes, the man says, but they had batons and service weapons.

“A tough acceptance began:“ stand, be afraid, fell face down, ”says Balyasin. - I immediately got on my knees, and rushed - they first beat me with batons. They fastened the handcuffs, let's beat him in the face. They shouted: “You are a fascist, you are a spy, you are a traitor, who sent you, where is everyone else.” And other heresy.

He was required to unlock the phone, in response, the man offered to act in the legal field with witnesses. For such an offer, he received a blow in the face and threats of rape with a stick. According to Balyasin, they began to take off his pants. In the phone, they found his brother's contact with a German phone number, after which they stated that it was now clear who was paying him.

Later, operational actions began on camera, here Balyasin was no longer beaten and was later taken to the department for questioning. He was able to record the beatings and report the crime by the security forces. These documents were attached to the verification materials, the publication reports. Traces of clubs and hematomas are visible on the back, legs and face of Balyasin, he has two teeth chipped off.

Already on August 2, the check really began. However, not in relation to the security forces, but in relation to Balyasin himself. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against him under Part 1 of Art. 318 of the Criminal Code. According to Taiga.Info, which has a resolution at its disposal, Alexander Tolstikhin, an FSB operative for the Krasnoyarsk Territory, is listed as the victim. He allegedly received "at least three blows to the head" and "experienced physical pain." Balyasin is also accused of applying spray paint to "a poster with the Latin letter Z".

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