“They are gentle with me, they don’t put me in jail, I think Yashin sat down for me.” Yulia Galyamina will go for psychocorrection requested by the Federal Penitentiary Service

Yulia Galyamina, who was deprived of her mandate as a municipal deputy of Moscow and threatened with the replacement of a suspended sentence with a real one under the “Dadin article”, agrees to undergo the psychocorrection requested by the Federal Penitentiary Service. According to her, this is just bureaucracy, and psychocorrection is a trip to a psychologist who will “correct abnormal behavior.”

“It will be written there to oblige Galyamina to undergo psychocorrection courses,” Galyamina explained to The Insider. - This is a conversation with a psychologist, I read that this is such a psychological method when it is necessary to “correct abnormal behavior” so that I do not commit administrative offenses. All these are formalities, pure bureaucracy. But it sounds funny. What kind of psychologist is there in this FSIN? I could be banned from leaving Moscow, requested to visit the Federal Penitentiary Service more than once a week, and so on. And they will simply appoint me a course with a psychologist. Well, I'm going to talk. It's not difficult for me, I love psychologists. They are gentle with me. I think that Yashin sat down for me, they are still afraid to put someone else in jail in the near future. But who knows."

The fact that the Federal Penitentiary Service requested that Galyamin be sent for psychocorrection was reported by Mediazona on August 2, citing its press secretary Nikolai Kasyan.

In July, the founder of the Soft Power movement, Yulia Galyamina, received a warning about a possible replacement of a suspended sentence with a real one under a criminal article on repeated violations of the procedure for organizing rallies and participation in them. The prosecutor's office asked to send her to a colony for 3 years.

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