Senator from Crimea about the shelling of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet: “No sane person can say where and how this strike was made”

Crimean Senator Olga Kovitidi called the attack on the Sevastopol headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet a terrorist act. She noted that “not a single sane person can say where and how this strike was made,” although a few hours earlier she also stated that the drone that attacked the headquarters was launched inside the city.

Here is the statement made by Kovitidi now:

“The incident that took place in Sevastopol is a terrorist act. FSB officers are working on the spot, until the conclusion of law enforcement agencies, not a single sane person can say where and how this strike was carried out. The drone attack will be given an appropriate assessment with certain conclusions.”

Here is what she said the day before:

“The attack, of course, was not carried out from outside, but from the territory of Sevastopol. Operational-search work is underway in the city to find the organizers of this terrorist attack, by the evening they will be found, ”she said.

“The information I received earlier is not quite true. Federal services are working, an investigation is underway. The situation in Crimea is fully controlled,” she said in a conversation with RIA Novosti.

The Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have previously stated that the information about the shelling is a propaganda fiction.

The headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet is located in Sevastopol in the very center of the city on Voronin Street. Within walking distance from it are: the building of the city government, the legislature, the FSB, the prosecutor's office, three courts, the House of Officers, the House of Moscow, the main tourist sites and St. Vladimir's Cathedral.

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