“Match TV” removed the presenter, who supported the tennis player Kasatkina, who made a coming out

"Match TV" suspended the host of the channel and PR agent Sofya Tartakova. Earlier, she supported the tennis player Daria Kasatkina, who made a coming out, and refused to take part in a talk show in which Kasatkina was "drenched in shit." This was announced by the general producer of "Match TV" Alexander Tashchin.

“Public statements such as today’s are contrary to the concepts of corporate and journalistic ethics – my colleagues and I can say a lot to each other in person or in correspondence, have different opinions on a particular TV channel product, but it is not permissible to speak publicly in this vein,” wrote Taschin. According to him, Tartakova "will not be on the air" of the channel until she "thinks about her statements."

Earlier, Tartakova said that she did not participate in the talk show “There is a theme”, where they discussed interviews with Daria Kasatkina and Andrei Rublev. According to her, the players Daria Kasatkina and Andrei Rublev were “poured shit” there for an hour. The journalist called the program "a freak show for tongue-tied deputies, pseudo-experts and people who are looking for five-minute fame."

“And most importantly, Andrei and Dasha. I love you so much. And I'm proud. You are the most kind, open and honest guys. Working with you is a real gift. I'm sorry I didn't save it. I am very ashamed and hurt that you offended. But I'm always on your side," she added.

On July 18 (the day Kasatkina’s interview was published, in which she came out and said she was dating a girl), Russian deputies submitted a bill to the State Duma prohibiting the promotion of “non-traditional relationships and the denial of family values.” The document was published in the Duma electronic database. Now responsibility is provided only for the promotion of "non-traditional sexual relations among minors."

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