Hasta la vista, baby. Boris Johnson delivers farewell speech

Boris Johnson ended his latest PMQ (Prime Minister's Questions) with a quote from James Cameron's Terminator 2 movie "Hasta la vista, baby" ("See you later, baby"). He delivered his farewell speech in the House of Commons, broadcast by The Mirror.

Johnson advised his successor, whoever he is, to stay close to the US, help Ukraine, and stand up for freedom: “Stay close to the Americans, stand up for Ukrainians, freedom and democracy everywhere. Cut taxes and deregulate wherever possible to make this a better place to live and invest.”

Johnson also mentioned fighting the coronavirus pandemic and supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia among his achievements in office:

“We helped, I helped this country survive the pandemic and save another country from barbarism. And frankly, that's enough. The mission is largely accomplished."

In conclusion, he thanked everyone present and said the catchphrase from the film: "I want to thank everyone here, and Hasta la vista, baby."

Labor leader Keir Starmer and Speaker Lindsey Hoyle wished Johnson well. Conservative MPs gave a standing ovation as Johnson left the room.

Earlier, the former head of the British Treasury Rishi Sunak won the fourth round of voting for the new leader of the Conservative Party, who will automatically become prime minister. He got 118 votes.

In July, the Financial Times reported that supporters of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who announced his resignation, would prevent former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak from taking the post of prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party. According to the publication, officials accuse Sunak of instigating Johnson's premature departure. More than 50 officials left the government after he and Health Minister Sajid Javid resigned. Two days later, Johnson announced that he was resigning.

The decision to resign was preceded by a series of departures of officials from the government. It began after MP Chris Pincher was appointed to a government post, who was accused of sexual harassment.

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