The head of the Moscow district of Yakimanka was arrested for 15 days for the “Smart Voting” sticker on the car, which was pasted by unknown people

The Zamoskvoretsky District Court of Moscow arrested Andrey Morev, the head of the Yakimanka municipal district, for 15 days in the case of the demonstration of extremist symbols (Part 1 of Article 20.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses). SOTA reports .

The reason for the arrest was the "Smart Voting" sticker on the rear window of the deputy's car. Morev said that unknown people pasted the sticker on his car. He provided the court with a video in which you can see how two unknown people enter the parking lot with a car, and then call the police, who eventually detained Morev. The judge ignored this video, reports SOTA.

Elections to local municipalities will be held in Moscow in September. In recent weeks, several municipal deputies have been detained and arrested in the capital at once.

On July 19, the Dorogomilovsky District Court of Moscow appointed Vadim Korovin, a deputy of the Filevsky Park district, to 10 days of arrest under an article on the public display of Nazi symbols. Thus, the effective punishment under Article 20.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses will deprive him of the right to participate in any elections during the year.

Korovin himself said that the reason for the arrest was a retweet of a joke about Hitler's cap in the temple:

"I'm being lured for retweeting about Hitler's cap streaming myrrh in the main temple of the Armed Forces, there's a screenshot of an article from the New York Times, there's Hitler with a swastika, that's supposedly a positive connotation."

Korovin was detained on July 17 for 48 hours at the police department. In his opinion , the detention is due to the fact that later he could not participate in the elections. With the help of his YouTube blog, Korovin fought illegal parking and other violations of officials for many years. In 2017, members of the National Guard attacked Korovin because he parked at the Moscow City Hall in a permitted place. He had torn ligaments in his arm.

In early July, Marina Litvinovich was fined under an article about the demonstration of extremist symbols, and she is also deprived of the right to participate in elections:

“In my speech on September 20, 2021, I said aloud “Smart Voting” several times when I spoke at a meeting of Communist Party deputies with voters, which was on Pushkinskaya Square the day after the elections. Now for a year I will be deprived of the opportunity to be elected in any election.”

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