Co-author of the bill on “gay propaganda” Nina Ostanina called homosexuality an anomaly and a diagnosis

Nina Ostanina, head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, co-author of the bill on a complete ban on "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations", called homosexuality a diagnosis. Her quote leads

According to Ostanina, "non-traditional sexual relations" is "an anomaly, a kind of diagnosis." “If you promote your diagnosis and it doesn’t bother you, it’s your right, go and promote. If you don't want to do it, don't do it. Nobody will persecute you for talking about your diagnosis, ”said Ostanina.

She stated that coming out would not be considered promotion of "non-traditional sexual relations". “Recognition by some figure of his sexual orientation. This is the same as a cancer patient saying that he is sick. Well, he admitted that he was sick, so what? It will evoke sympathy,” she added.

Ostanina noted that the "denial of traditional family values" in the bill, among other things, refers to the "childfree" movement.

“For us, a traditional family is a union of a man and a woman, these are children, this is a multi-generational family. And the promotion of childfree in this case is just propaganda for the rejection of traditional family values. Far from being a harmless movement, it has gained significant traction on social media. Here I support Senator Pavlova, who demanded a ban on propaganda on social networks in order to close those sites where the childfree movement is popularized, ”the deputy said.

In an interview, Ostanina stated that Kirill Serebrennikov's performances are an example of "gay propaganda".

“If you are sitting in the kitchen and discussing <…> the performance staged by Kirill Serebrennikov, I don’t think you are promoting anything. But Kirill Serebrennikov, when naked lesbian girls run around the stage, making love on stage, this should be banned, ”said the head of the committee.

Earlier, on July 18, the deputies proposed to equate “denial of family values, propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” with propaganda of war, national, racial or religious hatred. After that, it became known that the Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina, who occupies the 12th line in the ranking of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA), came out and said that she was dating a girl.

On July 7, the player of the Russian national team and the Spanish club Espanyol Nadezhda Karpova was the first Russian athlete to come out. An interview with Karpova was published by the BBC.

“I stopped being afraid of certain things, like speaking out. I also understood that no one would condemn me for living with a girl, and that here <in Spain - The Insider> no one would label me for being a lesbian, ”said Karpova.

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