Reuters: “Gazprom” justified the collapse of gas supplies to Europe “force majeure”

The Russian Gazprom warned the German company Uniper about a possible "force majeure" that would not allow the Russian monopolist to fulfill its contractual obligations in full. This was reported by Reuters with reference to a letter from a Russian company received by its German partner.

The letter of the Russian monopolist provides information about "unforeseen circumstances" that may not allow fulfilling the contractual obligations assumed in full. The letter was sent to the German side on July 14, a source close to the German company confirmed to the publication.

He also said that they were talking about supplies through the Nord Stream pipeline. At the moment, it is stopped for repairs, and before that it worked only at 40% of its capacity due to a conflict over German Siemens gas turbines. German units for the pipeline fell under Western sanctions, as a result of which the Canadian authorities, where the equipment was being repaired, did not want to return them to the Russian side. As a result, Ottawa decided to send the turbines to Germany, and from there it is planned to return them to Gazprom.

Europe is now under Russian energy pressure as Nord Stream, a key gas supply route to the EU, is down due to scheduled maintenance. Some European politicians fear that Russia may not start the pipeline even after the return of the turbines and will continue to blackmail the EU with a lack of gas supplies.

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