RBC: a clause prohibiting political statements is added to the contracts of Russian artists

Concert organizers began to limit political statements in contracts with artists due to fears that they would contain “incorrect information” about the war in Ukraine, RBC reports , citing representatives of the two agencies and the concert director of several well-known musical groups.

As representatives of show business note, this practice has become widespread in recent months and applies to almost all major events.

RBC has a copy of the agreement with one of the Russian groups. According to the publication, the document contains a clause according to which the performer "undertakes to avoid any political topics during the concert." He does not have the right to "disseminate untrue information about the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine by any means, including audiovisual means."

Also, under the contract, the artist cannot use “state symbols of Ukraine (including confusingly similar to it)” and other symbols “in order to form incorrect conclusions about the goals and objectives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, any discredit of the Russian Federation, state bodies Russian Federation, including the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, contracts with artists may include a ban on political statements not only from the stage, but also as part of the promotional campaign of a particular concert or tour. That is, it will be impossible to talk about politics either in an interview or during meetings with fans.

If the terms of the agreement are violated and the concert is postponed or canceled, the performer will have to compensate for the costs of organizing the event at his own expense. The contract also stipulates a fine (500 thousand rubles), which the musicians will have to pay within three days after the violation.

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