In the military enlistment offices of St. Petersburg distribute brochures with “rates” for the destruction of Ukrainian soldiers and equipment

The military registration and enlistment offices of St. Petersburg began to distribute the brochure “Social Directory of a Participant in a Special Military Operation”, which indicates the amount of rewards for the destruction of Ukrainian military and military equipment. A copy of the pamphlet was shared with the Rotunda by a municipal deputy who wished to remain anonymous.

The brochure is intended for contract employees. It refers to the monetary allowance laid down by him, as well as individual bonuses. So, for the destruction of personnel up to the size of an enemy detachment, 50 thousand rubles are due. The amount is doubled if the composition is destroyed before the platoon. 100 thousand are also promised for the destroyed tank.

If a contractor destroys a Ukrainian helicopter, he can count on 200,000 rubles. The biggest reward is for a downed plane - 300 thousand rubles. For the destruction of vehicles and drones - 50 thousand rubles.

The Russian army is looking for contractors not only through the military registration and enlistment offices, but also through job search sites. Most of all people are recruited into units that suffer losses in the war in Ukraine, Important Stories found out . The publication analyzed labor exchanges and found that at least seven units that fought in Ukraine posted vacancies for the recruitment of 2,166 military personnel.

American Daily Newspaper

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