For the creator of the Police Ombudsman project, they requested 6 years in prison and deprivation of the rank of major

The state prosecutor of the prosecutor's office of the Western Administrative District asked for the creator of the public "Ombudsman of Police", former policeman Vladimir Vorontsov, 6 years in prison with a sentence in a general regime correctional colony and the deprivation of the title of "police major". This was reported by the Moscow Prosecutor's Office in its Telegram channel.

They also want to deprive Vorontsov of the right to engage in activities related to the administration of sites, pages and other resources for 10 years.

In January, the Investigative Committee began an investigation in connection with information about the falsification of evidence in the Vorontsov case. 14 criminal cases are being investigated against him: he is accused of extortion , distribution of pornography , slander and public insult of a government official .

According to investigators, in October 2017, Vorontsov extorted 300,000 rubles from a former policeman from Moscow “for not distributing his photographs of an intimate nature.” Having received no money, he published pictures in one of his communities on the social network. On the second episode of extortion, he allegedly acted in a similar way against a Saransk police officer. In addition, Vorontsov is accused of publishing records discrediting the honor and dignity of law enforcement officers and one of the lawyers in the community he created, the “Police Ombudsman”. Vorontsov does not admit guilt and considers his case as revenge for his activities as the founder of the Police Ombudsman project.

In October 2021, it became known that supporters of the “Police Ombudsman” Vladimir Vorontsov deceived the investigation in order to reveal falsifications in his case. A video of this was posted on YouTube. Among the creators of the video was Irina Andina, fired from the law enforcement agencies of Saransk, who was the victim in the case. However, she retracted her earlier testimony and gave new ones. As it turned out from the film, Andina became the victim intentionally and did it to help Vorontsov expose the investigators who fabricated criminal cases against him.

Vorontsov's lawyers appealed to the prosecutor's office, the FSB and the Investigative Committee with a statement to check the falsification of evidence. According to Vorontsov's lawyer Alexander Samukhov, if a criminal case is initiated as a result of the check, the court will be obliged to return the case against Vorontsov for additional investigation, otherwise the verdict based on illegal evidence will be unjust.

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