Fake Soloviev: Ukrainian refugees in Germany mowed down a giant swastika in the field

Vladimir Solovyov published a photo from the German tabloid Bild on his Telegram channel with the following comment:

“At first we will help the Ukrainian Nazis, saying that there is no Nazism in Ukraine, and then we will sincerely wonder where the swastika came from in the suburbs of Brandenburg, because we just let a few refugees from this very Ukraine into the country.”

In a field near the village of Niederfinow (Brandenburg), someone has mowed down a giant swastika; she was spotted by Bild correspondent Julian Röpke while flying in a light aircraft. Solovyov did not explain what the Ukrainian refugees have to do with the swastika, but the reader must understand that they definitely have something to do with it.

Just a week before Solovyov's post, the German edition of T-Online published an article under the heading "The mystery of the swastika in Niederfinow has been solved." It says:

“The people of Niederfinow, Brandenburg were shocked when a photo from their village of 609 people appeared. An aerial photograph shows a 360-square-meter swastika that someone has painted in a meadow. Since then, residents have been worried about one question: who makes such things?
Now the mystery of the swastika has been solved. At T-Online 's request, Barnim District Police confirmed they were investigating a specific suspect. According to the newspaper Bild , this is 36-year-old Stefan B., who lives with his parents in a house on the site.
A neighbor told T-Online that B. was frustrated by rising food, gas and energy prices. He mowed the swastika in the meadow in protest against the federal government. They say that in the past, B. hung out the military flag of the Third Reich from the window.
However, this person does not have a right-wing extremist past. In fact, according to Bild , he has yet to be seen in politically motivated crimes. The neighbor speaks of a "stupid prank". However, the 36-year-old man faces imprisonment for this. Public use of symbols of unconstitutional organizations is punishable by imprisonment for up to three years.”

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