Oleg Tinkov reported complete remission, he fought leukemia for three years

The founder of Tinkoff Bank, Oleg Tinkov , announced a complete remission on his Instagram page. The businessman has been battling leukemia for the past three years.

Tinkov said that it was exactly 2 years since the bone marrow transplantation (BMT) and called this day "the second birthday." He noted that he wrote a post for those who have been diagnosed with leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood cancers.

“You can be cured, you have to endure, and it is very difficult… I know, but believe me. At the same time, do not believe those who say that it will take a year: this is at least two, I have almost 3 already. The other day I received another molecular test - complete remission. I have GVHD ( graft-versus-host) eyes, but that's the price of remission."

He recalled that his funds continue their work, help patients and purchase modern equipment for "remote clinics throughout Russia."

Earlier, Tinkov said that during the fight against leukemia, he “survived two sepsis, COVID-19 and other side effects.” Two years ago, he reported that chemotherapy could not completely get rid of leukemia, so he decided on a bone marrow transplant. The operation took place on July 9, 2020 in London. After that, he created the "Tinkov Family Foundation" to solve the problems of blood cancer and the development of blood donation in Russia.

In April, Tinkov opposed the war in Ukraine. In his opinion, 90% of Russians do not support the Russian invasion. “I don’t see a single beneficiary of this crazy war! Innocent people and soldiers are dying. The generals, waking up with a hangover, realized that they had a shitty army. And how will the army be good if everything else in the country is shit and mired in nippotism, servility and servility? Kremlin officials are shocked that not only they, but also their children will not go to the Mediterranean in the summer. Businessmen are trying to save the rest of their property... Of course, there are morons who draw Z, but morons in any country are 10%. 90% of Russians are against this war!” he wrote on his Instagram page.

The day after the anti-war post, the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation contacted the leadership of Tinkoff Bank and threatened to nationalize it if the company did not break ties with the founder. Tinkov spoke about this in an interview with The New York Times. According to the businessman, the Kremlin forced him to sell the bank for "three percent of the real value", in the end he sold a 35 percent stake to Russian billionaire Vladimir Potanin.

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