A “Russified” program – “Radio Liberty” will be introduced in schools in the occupied territories of Ukraine from the next academic year

In schools located in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia, a “Russified” program will be introduced from the next academic year. The Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty writes about this, citing local residents.

According to them, Ukrainian teachers are forced to switch to the Russian system of education under the threat of dismissal and other repressions. Parents who refuse to obtain Russian citizenship and send their children to “Russified” schools are threatened with problems, up to and including deprivation of parental rights.

This information is confirmed by The Guardian. According to the publication, Russia obliged Ukrainian teachers in the occupied territories to sign a document on their readiness to teach the Russian school curriculum.

Because of this, teachers are in a hopeless situation. If they disagree with Russia's demand, they will lose their jobs and may face punishment. If, however, the document is signed, there is a risk of running into accusations from the Ukrainian authorities, who consider training under the Russian program as a form of cooperation with the enemy.

At the same time, teachers from Russia are being recruited to schools in the occupied territories of Ukraine. So, about 60 teachers from Dagestan agreed to go to the “LDNR”, and students of the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (NSPU) were offered to go on a business trip to Zaporozhye and Kherson.

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