“We will have to recognize that war is war.” The last word of Alexei Gorinov, sentenced to 7 years in prison for “fake news” about the RF Armed Forces

On July 8, the municipal deputy of the Krasnoselsky district of Moscow, Alexei Gorinov, was sentenced to 7 years in a penal colony for spreading fake news about the Russian army (part 2 of article 207.3 of the Criminal Code). He became the first who received a real term under this article and did not admit his guilt. Before him, all the accused under a similar article received a fine and a suspended sentence. The insider publishes Gorin's last word in court.

“I think, or it always seemed to me, that our common past dictates to us several main lessons. My father returned from World War II disabled. As did his brother. They are still lucky. But they did - and they did! - his sacred duty to protect the Fatherland from the enemy. I also found Moscow in the 60s. With veterans - without arms, without legs, blind. There were many of these in our house. I grew up among them.
The survivors of that war were stingy with stories about it. As I got older, I understood why. Because war in itself, as a human occupation, no matter what synonym you call it, is the last, most vile and dirty thing. A matter unworthy of the title of a person who is entrusted by the Universe and evolution with the care of preserving and increasing all life on our planet.
I am convinced of this: war is the fastest means of dehumanization when the line between good and evil is blurred. War is always violence and blood, torn bodies and severed limbs. It is always death. I don't accept it and reject it. Our common past taught me this. And, probably, not only me: in the Criminal Code of Russia there are articles 353 and 354, which provide for severe responsibility for the preparation, conduct and propaganda of an aggressive war. And I believe that Russia exhausted its limit on wars back in the twentieth century.
However, our present is Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel... Do the names of these cities tell you anything? Ask those who still do not know what happened there. And don't say later that you didn't know anything.
For five months, Russia has been conducting hostilities on the territory of a neighboring state, bashfully calling it a "special military operation." We are promised victory and glory. Why, then, do so many of my fellow citizens feel shame and guilt? Why did many people leave Russia and continue to leave? And why did our country suddenly have so many enemies?
Maybe there is something wrong with us? Let's think! Give us a chance to at least talk about what's going on. Exchange opinions. This is, after all, our constitutional right! Actually, I did it. At a meeting of the municipal council, I expressed my opinion, my human attitude to the subject of the vote. I motivated this opinion, this attitude, based on my convictions. And was supported by the majority of those present! And now I'm in court.
It seems, and this is like another unlearned lesson from our common past. Persecution for the word, fabricated cases, a quick trial, a belated epiphany: “How is it, we didn’t know!”
During the years of Stalinist terror, my grandfather was accused of calling for the overthrow of the Soviet system, in the creation and strengthening of which he participated in the most direct way. Grandfather lived to complete rehabilitation - after half a century. I hope my recovery will take much less time. But for now, I'm here in the courtroom.
My criminal case is one of the first to be heard, but hundreds of such criminal cases have been initiated in Russia against my fellow citizens who think and speak out about what is happening. Destroy families, break the lives of young people. And speaking here, I speak for all of them who have not yet been brought to justice.
Several phrases I uttered at an everyday meeting of the Council of Deputies were examined under a microscope. An investigative group of nine investigators has been formed, six of whom are "on particularly important cases." The five experts are linguists and psychologists. They delved into my thoughts, trying to understand: what is really behind the opinion I expressed to my fellow deputies on one of the issues on the agenda of the meeting. What was my secret meaning and hidden message? What is really behind these phrases of mine? They gave rise to two examinations on 120 sheets ...
Meanwhile, Article 29 of the Russian Constitution guarantees everyone freedom of thought and speech - if we are not talking about the propaganda of hatred, enmity, superiority. Everyone has the right to freely seek, receive, transmit, produce and distribute information in any lawful manner. Freedom of the media is guaranteed. Censorship is prohibited.
In the days of the August putsch in 1991, I was also a deputy. Together with other defenders, I was at the building of the Supreme Council of the Republic - the "White House". We protected our future. Our right to live freely - which means to speak freely, to express our thoughts, to collect information and share it.
If they had said then that in thirty years I would be tried in a criminal court for my words, for my opinion, I would not have believed it. The reasons for such a sad outcome, to which our society has come, will require careful study and reflection by historians. They will require not only reflection, but also conclusions. It won't be easy, but we will have to accept that war is war. We must rehabilitate the victims and try the perpetrators. We must restore the good name of our people, our country.
In the meantime, I wish our government prudence. Judgment is wisdom. To all those who are subjected to a new wave of repressions - steadfastness, as well as to the entire Ukrainian people. Himself - to become in the future Russia its ambassador to Ukraine. To everyone who supported me directly or at a distance, do not lose heart! I'm with you!"

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