The court allowed not to transfer Viktor Filinkov, convicted in the Network case, from colony to prison

The court dismissed the case on the transfer of Viktor Filinkov, convicted in the Network case, to a prison regime. The Rupression Telegram channel writes about this.

The administration of IK-1 in Orenburg asked for a transfer, but in the end, they also petitioned for the case to be dismissed, since “at present there are no grounds for a transfer.”

“The repressive machine is bogged down. But she didn't stop. Her wheel fell off, but now they will quickly screw it on, ”Filinkov commented on the decision.

The fact that IK-1 wants to transfer him to a prison regime became known in mid-April. Public defender Evgenia Kulakova reported this on her Facebook page. In prisons, unlike in colonies, prisoners are kept in locked cells, and also have the right to an even smaller number of transfers, visits and calls.

“Like, he doesn’t want to improve in any way, they have already tried all the measures, then only prison. The final decision on the transfer from colony to prison is made by the court, but it is clear that they will be transferred - it is only a matter of time, ”she wrote.

The termination of the transfer case is a consequence of the victories of Filinkov and his lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov in the courts of the 1st and 2nd instances. They challenged the imposition of the status of a malicious violator of the regime on Filinkov. The decision came into force on June 9, but on June 29 the status was returned. Filinkov was transferred to the Detachment of strict conditions, where he is now.

The FSB opened a criminal case against the so-called Set terrorist group in October 2017. According to investigators, a group of anarchists and anti-fascists from several cities in Russia allegedly created an online community that was engaged in planning the revolution and terrorist attacks. In February 2020, seven defendants in the case were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 6 to 18 years. In the summer of the same year, Filinkov received 7 years in prison.

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