“They will be used for demining, and without skills, this is one hundred percent mortality” – Olga Romanova about sending prisoners to war

This is not the first wave of prisoner recruitment. The first wave was in early February-March, the FSB and Wagner PMC walked through the safe detention areas for former employees - convicted prosecutors, former military men, and so on. The harvest there is not very large, because former employees are good for dispersing rallies, but they do not want to fight, they understand everything better than us. And almost no one went there, only a few signed up.

Then there was a very large recruitment to the Chechen battalion. They took away Chechens who were sitting in various zones of Russia.

Now the third wave, which is similar to covert mobilization and they take almost everyone. There are restrictions on articles: for example, they do not take prisoners convicted under articles for rape and pedophilia. They take robbery, robbery, drugs mostly. There are a lot of those whom we call "stealers", i.e. those involved in theft. Whether he served in the army or not, no one cares, as long as there is no article on rape and pedophilia.

If we talk about geography - Leningrad region, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir region, and today we know about Veliky Novgorod, we already started from there. The geography is expanding.

Tonight, another 40 people left IK-6 Obukhovo. Relatives keep in touch with us all the time with an absolutely amazing position: “We want to return them to the zone, it’s better to sit here.” The position “if only it didn’t get worse” prevails. And the prisoners are being taken actually to be killed. Basically, they will be used for demining, and without skills, this is one hundred percent mortality.

People are leaving who should have received parole, but did not get it for various reasons. They do not have employment, and then PMC "Wagner" arrives and says: "And here is the contract and the place of work." And the court with the colony say: "Go." We haven't seen a single contract, and I don't know of a single case where a contract has been signed. Everyone is traveling undocumented, at least we don't know about it, and we have several reports of people signing non-disclosure papers.

From a legal point of view, this is not supported in any way. Many don't have any UDO yet. We have not seen a single decision of the court. We crowd on the sites of the district courts in Yablonevka, in Obukhov and in Nizhny Novgorod, and there is not a single court decision that such and such was released and transferred to the Rostov region. We do not see any unusual vessel activity.

If Russia is at war with Ukraine, then this is mobilization. If there is a war, then this is normal, this is martial law. If we have not a war, but a special military operation, then give the decision of the courts. Then it will be possible to come to the head of the colony and ask: “Where is Petrov?” and start a search and investigation. On what basis is he transferred to nowhere? Relatives begin to do this, but they are afraid. “No matter how worse it is,” they say at the moment when their husband or father boarded the train to Rostov.

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