Fake Channel One: Russian troops prevented a provocation with the installation of the Ukrainian flag on Zmein

The first channel in the daily news release reports:

"The Kyiv security forces made an attempt to plant the flag of Ukraine on the island of Serpents, but our military prevented the provocation."

After this loud statement, a fragment of a briefing by the representative of the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov is given, where he declares:

“Against the backdrop of military failures and the massive retreat of Ukrainian troops in the Donbass on the night of July 7, the Kyiv regime attempted to symbolically deliver the flag to Serpent Island. At about 5 am, several Ukrainian servicemen landed on the island from a motor boat and took pictures with the flag. The aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces immediately launched a strike with high-precision missiles on Zmeiny Island, as a result of which some of the Ukrainian military personnel were destroyed, and the survivors fled in the direction of the settlement of Primorskoye, Odessa region.

Ukrainian publications describe the situation differently. In the regularly updated chronicle of hostilities, which is published by the Korrespondent publication, we read :

“08:24. At dawn, the Russians attacked one of the districts of the Odessa region with two missiles, said the speaker of the UVA, Sergei Bratchuk. We hit two agricultural sheds, 35 tons of grain were destroyed. The attack of two missiles significantly damaged the pier of Zmeiny Island.
10:04. Ukrainian fighters planted a flag on Zmeiny Island, said serviceman Harut Papoyan.
11:33 Special forces units completed the task of cleaning up Zmeiny Island, OK Pivden reported. The destruction of about 30 units of enemy equipment was confirmed, "abandoned ammunition and solid ruins were found as a familiar trace of the Russian world." As a symbol of Victory and rebirth from these ruins, the Ukrainian military installed and fixed the flag of Ukraine, which was delivered to the island earlier, the command specified.

No casualties were reported during the landing on the island.

Ukrainian publications publish photos and videos with the flag raised over the island. And this is the least like the photos taken at 5 am. On July 7 at Zmeinoy the sunrise was at 05:19. Photographers call the first hour after sunrise the “golden hour”, warm yellows, oranges and reds predominate in the lighting at this time, which is especially noticeable in photos taken against the sun.

An example of a photograph taken during the "golden hour" on the backlight. South Africa

In the photo with a flag (even two flags) above the island, there is nothing of the kind, the island, in contrast to the sun rising above the sea, looks rather dark, that is, the sunlight is already quite bright by this time. Obviously, the photo was taken a few hours after sunrise. The long shadows characteristic of the "golden hour" are also not visible.

Ukrainian flag over Snake Island

Thus, the photos refute Konashenkov's version of the nightly "attempt to symbolic delivery." In addition, it is completely incomprehensible why the Correspondent would need to hold back the message about the installation of the flag for several hours. So the propagandists, declaring "prevention of provocation", are clearly wishful thinking, and there is every reason to believe that the Ukrainian flag with a mocking inscription addressed to the Russians is safely flying over the island.

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