In Russia, an unofficial “list of banned artists” with 37 names has appeared. It has “DDT”, Zemfira and Noize MC – “Fontanka”

In Russia, an unofficial "list of banned artists" with 37 names has appeared, it is distributed in the internal chats of promoters and concert organizers in Telegram and WhatsApp. Fontanka writes about this, publishing screenshots that the “performer” indicated in the stop list sent to the publication.

All of the listed singers or groups spoke out against the war or were silent about Russia's actions in Ukraine. Among the "banned" artists and groups are "DDT", Zemfira, Noize MC, "Oksimiron", "Time Machine", "Aquarium", "Casta", "Bi-2", "Accident", Valery Meladze, "Anacondaz ”, “Louna”, “Porn films”, “Nogu Svelo!”, “Krovostok”, “Elysium”, “2Masha”, Manizha, Monetochka, Buckwheat, Face, Morgenstern, “IC3PEAK”, Little Big, Vasya Oblomov, “Dora ”,“ Aloe Vera ”,“ Musya Totibadze.

One of the organizers of the concerts in St. Petersburg confirmed the existence of such a list, noting that the stop list "changes, is supplemented every day, but every producer knows which artists are undesirable even without a list." “You try to call Oktyabrsky and book a concert of one of them, you will see right away,” the interlocutor said.

Earlier, Grebenshchikov, whose group is also on the list, in an interview with The Insider told why it is necessary to speak out against the war, even when there is no hope of influencing anything. The Russian punk-rave band Little Big, which was on the same stop list, released a new Generation Cancellation video with anti-war rhetoric in June. The leader of DDT, Yuri Shevchuk, spoke at the concert: “Motherland, friends, this is not the president’s ass, which must be procrastinated and kissed all the time. Motherland is a beggar grandmother at the station selling potatoes. This is the motherland." After that, a protocol was drawn up against the musician under Part 1 of Art. 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation - about discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, but the court returned the Shevchuk case to the police to eliminate the shortcomings. However, the group's concerts began to be postponed or canceled altogether.

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