Shield ships appeared near the Crimean bridge to protect against missile strikes

Near the arches of the Crimean bridge, two ships with corner reflectors appeared, presumably, these are ships of project 436 bis. Such devices are used to deceive the radar homing heads of missiles in order to divert the blow from the real target to a false target, on the reflected signal of which the enemy missile will be aimed.

Due to the location of the corner radar reflectors, the vessel becomes “more visible” for targeting anti-ship missiles. This device is effective against Soviet missiles, but it will be more difficult for it to deceive modern missiles, such as the Harpoon, since they have several guidance methods, in addition to radar.

Earlier, exercises were conducted on the bridge with the installation of an aerosol curtain, which is used as a means of countering precision weapons systems at the stage of aiming ammunition at a target.

According to military experts, so far Ukraine does not have ammunition of the required range that could reach the bridge. However, it can become one of the goals in case of successful capture of Kherson by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In this case, the bridge will be able to destroy and make the Crimea an enclave, blocking access to it from both the north and east of the peninsula.

American Daily Newspaper

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