A rally was held in the “DPR” against the forced mobilization of graduates of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In the "DPR" near the building of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk, a rally was held against forced mobilization, the parents of graduates criticize the decision of the local authorities to call their children to the front. This is reported by the Telegram channel “We can explain”.

“In Mariupol, graduates of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were given a diploma and released for graduation, while Donetsk graduates are sent to the front. This is the kind of justice in the republic,” said one of the participants.

Another woman who came to the rally said that there was no official introduction of martial law in the “DPR”: “There was no official introduction of martial law. This means that mobilization should be on a voluntary basis and under a contract.”

Several videos of the rally appeared on social networks, in one of them a woman is indignant that an employee of the military registration and enlistment office takes out a weapon and points it at a child. Also during the action, Elena Shishkina, a “deputy of the People’s Council of the DPR”, approached her parents and said that she considered the mobilization of the “academy” graduates justified. “They didn’t graduate from the conservatory, did they? Although the conservatory team in Mariupol. There are already dead, unfortunately, ”she justified herself.

Also, photographs have been published on social networks, presumably from the workbook of the commander of the 1st separate battalion. It says that cadets of the first and second courses will "guard air defense crews, warehouses and locations." The third, fourth and fifth courses in the notebook presented on social networks are recorded as “meat”.

On February 19, days before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Denis Pushilin, leader of the then-unrecognized "DPR" by Russia, announced that he had signed a decree on general mobilization. The document spoke about the conscription of citizens in the reserve and the supply of equipment for the needs of the military formations of the republic "in connection with the direct threat of aggression against the Donetsk People's Republic by the Armed Forces of Ukraine." The government of the "DPR" was instructed to organize the transfer of the economy to work in wartime conditions. The leader of the so-called "LPR" Leonid Pasechnik also announced the mobilization. He also banned the departure of men from 18 to 55 years of age from the republic. On February 28, Pushilin announced that the mobilization of residents of the "DPR" was suspended.

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