Two Tuvinian women were not allowed into the Yekaterinburg club “on the grounds of racism”

Two Tuvan women were not allowed into the Air club in Yekaterinburg "on the grounds of racism." One of them, Asiata Khertek, wrote about this on her Instagram.

The girls tried to get into the club on the night of June 25-26. When the face controller refused to let the girls in for the first time, they showed him Russian passports. The situation repeated itself. In response to the girls' question why they were not allowed in, the guard said that it was racism.

“It’s okay if he said that he couldn’t let us in because of the inconsistency with the dress code, but no. What is wrong with this world?”, — wrote Asiata.

During the dialogue, two young Africans approached the entrance to the club. They were denied for the same reason. Together they went to another club, but only girls were allowed there.

“I offer my personal apologies for such incorrect behavior of the guards. As soon as the guard gets in touch (at the moment he does not pick up the phone), he will also apologize to you. I can assure you that I will punish this incident and such ugly words in the most severe way, especially considering that I myself fit his reason for not letting guests in. It is doubly sad that this happened within the walls of our bar, ”the club manager wrote to Aziyata after she posted her post and invited their company to the institution.

American Daily Newspaper

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