The company of the oligarch Mordashov asked the state for help because of the war with Ukraine

The world's largest plywood producer, Sveza, which is owned by Russian oligarch and billionaire Alexei Mordashov, has asked the state to urgently help the company and the timber industry. The reason for the appeal was the collapse of orders for the company's products, which was forced to send employees to idle time. The director of the company, Anatoly Frishman, spoke about the problems of the concern during a profile meeting in the Federation Council, details of the meeting with officials are given in the company's message.

At the moment, Sveza enterprises are underloaded by 60–80% due to sanctions. Frishman urges the state to immediately pay attention to the problems of the timber industry and take action. “For example, in terms of reducing or even canceling inspections due to forced downtime through no fault of employers,” the CEO suggested. “Our main task is to find new orders and restore production volumes.”

The collapse of orders forced the company to send employees to downtime, but because of this, Sveza immediately had problems with regulatory authorities: the prosecutor's office and the labor inspectorate came to the company of one of the richest Russians, demanding explanations. Frishman suggests that the state reduce the burden on business: cancel or reduce inspections of government agencies, lower tariffs for businesses, duties and trade barriers with "friendly" countries, as well as develop infrastructure projects, creating new niches for manufacturers, provide for the purchase of building materials in the state reserve. Frishman is convinced that state support is essential, because "about 30 thousand people are involved in the industry."

Sveza is the largest plywood manufacturer in the world, the company is part of the Severgroup of Russian billionaire Alexei Mordashov, who, along with other representatives of the Russian elite , fell under Western sanctions. Mordashov himself does not understand why he was included in the sanctions list, and is trying to challenge the restrictions in the courts.

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