Oleksandr Nevzorov showed two Ukrainian passports

Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov showed two Ukrainian passports on the air of the Little Nevzorov Wednesday program on his YouTube channel .

“Yes, by the way, this is extremely important,” he said, showing the documents. Then he added: “Glory to Ukraine! Long live Belarus! Nevzorov did not say anything more about passports. Presumably, they could have been given to him and his wife.

Nevzorov announced that he received Ukrainian citizenship on June 3. “The perpetrator is Russia. The victim is Ukraine. It cannot be disputed or refuted. It is a fact. Well, then everyone makes their choice: to help the criminal or save his victim. <...> It is important to understand that there is no third option. I take the side of the victim. I am damn grateful to those exhausted, desperate, bloodied people of Ukraine that allowed me to take my place among them, ”he wrote. Later, NSDC Secretary Oleksiy Danilov stated that Nevzorov had not yet received Ukrainian citizenship. “As for Nevzorov, we will put it in a separate box. Firstly, he does not yet have citizenship, he just applied for citizenship,” Danilov said, adding that Nevzorov, like anyone who wants to obtain Ukrainian citizenship, will need to go through the procedure provided for by the Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

Nevzorov was one of the first to be prosecuted by the Russian Investigative Committee under a new article on “spreading fakes” about the Russian army. According to the investigation, on March 9, he published on his Instagram page and YouTube channel “false information about the deliberate shelling by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of a maternity hospital in the city of Mariupol.” This happened in March, since then the journalist has been “outside the Russian Federation”. In early May, he was put on the federal wanted list.

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