Soda producers are facing a carbon dioxide shortage. Lemonade may become less in summer – Kommersant

Russian producers of carbonated drinks are faced with a shortage of carbon dioxide: market participants estimate its deficit at 10-20%. In summer, due to increased demand, this can lead to a reduction in the range of lemonades. It is reported by "Kommersant".

According to the source of the publication in one of the soda companies, problems with the purchase of gas began in late May - early June. Carbon dioxide is a by-product in the production of fertilizers, and their supply abroad is reduced due to the war, so there is less gas, the newspaper source says. In addition, in his opinion, the demand for gas could increase from other industries, such as the chemical industry. Some gas-producing plants may have begun scheduled repairs, another source says.

Maksim Novikov, president of the Union of Juice, Water and Drink Producers (Soyuznapitki), told the newspaper that due to a shortage of packaging, beverage manufacturers began to bottle soda in larger bottles, which also led to an increase in gas consumption per liter of lemonade. Yury Antonov, general director of the Ochakovo company, confirmed to the newspaper that the manufacturer has been experiencing a "critical shortage" of carbon dioxide for the past two weeks and intends to adjust the production program. The Chernogolovka group of companies say that in July 15-20% of carbonated drinks will be “at risk”, but only if it is not possible to purchase a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide.

One of the founders of Famous Amazing Brands, which produces Vanilla Flight and Anarchy, Anton Stelmakov told Kommersant that in the heat, manufacturers of carbonated drinks were already facing a shortage of carbon dioxide. Due to the shortage of gas, companies can increase the range of non-carbonated lines.

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