Twitter will allow you to write long texts – without restrictions on characters

Twitter has begun testing a new Notes feature that will allow you to write long texts without character restrictions, decorate them with pictures, videos and tweets, edit them, insert hyperlinks and change the font size and style. That is, in fact, it will endow the social network with the functionality of a blog platform like Medium. This isreported in the first post written using this feature by American journalist and writer Rembert Brown.

“Notes can be written, posted and shared on Twitter, and read all over the internet,” Brown wrote in the post.

The journalist writes that the authors are what the social network “lives for”, but they rarely use it to write their own texts on it: they share and discuss the texts they wrote more in other places. Someone tries to write large texts using threads, but their functionality is limited.

Laptops should solve this problem. So far, the functionality is being tested, only a group of authors from the USA, Great Britain, Canada and Ghana have access to it. You can see how the laptops look live in the thread where their work is published.

The launch date for the laptops for everyone has not yet been announced.

American Daily Newspaper

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