In colonies and pre-trial detention centers in almost every region of Ukraine, plots have been set up for Russian prisoners of war. A camp was built for them in the west of the country

In Ukrainian colonies and pre-trial detention centers, 51 plots were set up for holding Russian prisoners of war and one separate camp was built. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

The camp was built in the west of the country. For prisoners of war, “proper living conditions have been created in it, medical support has been organized,” said the head of the department, Denis Malyuska. They are engaged in woodworking "and benefit the Ukrainian society."

It is “impossible” to immediately deliver Russian prisoners of war to the camp, therefore, until they are sent, they are kept in areas in colonies and pre-trial detention centers in Ukraine. Russian servicemen are also placed there, who are to be exchanged in the near future.

In these areas they live separately from other convicts. Three thousand hryvnias a month are allocated from the country's reserve fund for the maintenance of each prisoner of war, which is about 5,500 rubles. “I am sure that when we show how we are holding Russian prisoners, this footage will certainly be seen in Russia, and we expect that they will keep our citizens in similar conditions until we exchange them,” added Malyuska.

In April, Human Rights Watch demanded that Ukraine "provide an effective investigation of information about the ill-treatment of Russian prisoners of war." The organization was concerned about a video showing "persons believed to be part of the Ukrainian forces severely ill-treat captured Russian combatants with POW status, including shooting three of them in the legs."

On April 11, former Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Lyudmila Denisova told The Insider that 86 Ukrainian soldiers who were in Russian captivity, including 15 women, were subjected to torture and ill-treatment. Captured women were forced to undress in front of men, squat, shave their heads, demanded that they tell in Russian, under video recording, that they feel good in Russia.

“We have confirmation of the facts of torture both in relation to female prisoners of war and in relation to male prisoners of war. The women were taken through Belarus to Bryansk, where they were kept in such difficult conditions, sometimes they were not fed or watered, and they were mocked in the literal sense - they were forced to strip naked, squat in front of men, shave their heads, this, according to the prison concepts of the Russian Federation, is called “lower “. They were morally pressured, they wanted them to participate in some films and tell how good it was for them, switch to Russian, but our women stoically endured all this and were exchanged [for Russian prisoners of war]. In the same exchange, our soldiers were returned from Zmeiny Island. They were also taken out, including to Sevastopol. They lived in tents at sub-zero temperatures, and many had frostbite on their feet. They were kept without food, without water, they were treated not as prisoners of war, but as prisoners. They let them out for a walk in the yard, and for this they let out a dog with them to watch them, so that God forbid they didn’t try to run away, and this dog was a threat to them, ”Denisova said.

In this regard, Denisova accused the Russian Federation of violating the Geneva Convention.

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