Russia shelled Chernihiv region with old ammunition with propaganda leaflets from the Chechen war – Deputy Interior Minister of Ukraine

Russian troops shelled the Chernihiv region with Soviet ammunition stuffed with propaganda leaflets from the Chechen war. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yevgeny Enin during the national telethon. He showed a 122 mm caliber projectile from the Grad system and the leaflet itself.

“Citizens of the Chechen Republic! They are trying to involve you in an armed confrontation with federal troops. They are trying to force you to protect the interests of others. The interests of local magnates, leaders of terrorist gangs, robbers and murderers, political adventurers of all stripes.
Basayev, Khattab, Udugov and a number of others earn their dirty money on your blood. Their days are numbered. Many of them have already fled Chechnya without waiting for a fair retribution.
Citizens of the Chechen Republic! Basaevs, Khattabs, Udugovs come and go, but the Chechen people remain. Don't let yourself be drawn into the fighting! Peaceful life is already being established in the regions of the republic liberated by the federal forces. She is waiting for you too! Come join her! Peaceful life is better than war!” - it says in it (spelling preserved).

The author of the leaflet indicated the command of the united group of Russian troops. “Either mixed up, or they just don’t bother. But these leaflets fell on the heads of Ukrainians," Yenin said.

American Daily Newspaper

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