Miller’s Palace for $240 million and the withdrawal of Gazprom’s billions through offshore: the main thing from the investigation of Navalny’s team and the “Project”

A group of high-ranking people from the special services own assets worth $3 billion in the interests of the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller. This is stated in the joint investigation of the team of Alexei Navalny and the "Project".

As the investigators found out, the money withdrawn from the state gas company was used to build a business empire and buy many luxurious properties. At the same time, they were all registered with nominal owners, although in fact they are used by Miller, and sometimes by Vladimir Putin.


The Project and Navalny's team have proven that Miller and his de facto wife (unofficial), Putin's former secretary Marina Entaltseva, live in the Greenfield village near Moscow, in an estate worth about $240 million, which may make it the most expensive home in Russia.

Miller's residence with his family at a luxurious estate in Greenfield is supported by Miller's flight analysis data. When he returns from business trips to the Ostafyevo airport near Moscow, where the gas monopoly's aviation is based, the company's helicopter delivers Miller to Greenfield - a helipad is equipped there for this. Secondly, judging by the financial records, Miller Entaltsev's wife made a payment for the house. In addition, there is a stable on the estate. Horse racing is Miller's passion, he owns several horses and heads the board of directors of JSC Russian Hippodromes, the Project notes.

Now the owners of the palace are hidden, but until 2020 it belonged to the Vladenie-V company. It is formally controlled by two people from the Russian special services - Sergey Tregub from the GRU and Alexander Smirnov from the Vympel special unit of the FSB. Their company received at least 34 billion rubles from Gazstroyprom. Gazstroyprom is Gazprom's mega-contractor, which performs all the most important work, including the construction of the Power of Siberia and Nord Stream pipelines. When Gazstroyprom was created in 2018, a part of Stroygazconsulting was poured into it, as well as Gazstroymontazh by Arkady Rotenberg and Stroytransneftegaz by Gennady Timchenko. “That is, Russian taxpayers financed the arrangement of Miller’s palace,” the Project emphasizes.

“This is one of the largest and most expensive private houses in Russia. Through the entire plot there is an alley leading to the main house. In front of the main house there are statues of lions and a magnificent fountain. And on the right, an Orthodox chapel hid,” the authors of the investigation write.


The structure of the Vladenie-V company also owns luxury cars that carry Miller, and another Miller palace called Millerhof with an area of ​​​​2832 square meters. m. After the pictures of the residence from the air got into the network, the palace began to be rented out. In particular, the Bachelor program with Timati was filmed here.

Comparison of photos of the palace and frames from the filming of the show "The Bachelor"

The palace was built by the main (until 2013) general contractor of Gazprom, Jordanian businessman Ziyad Manasir. In 2018, Manasir stated that the Millerhof Palace actually belongs to him. Manasir is the head and co-owner of Stroygazconsulting, one of the main contractors of PJSC Gazprom. The cost of Millerhof was then estimated at $70 million, or 350,000 pensions.

This is not the only facility built by Manasir for Alexey Miller. In 2018, the Sobesednik publication reported that the Stroygazconsulting company of the oligarch Manasir built the Baikalgazpromtsentr complex at the mouth of the Angara by order of Gazprom dobycha Irkutsk.

According to one of the former curators of the construction site, the object is “a complex of buildings: administrative, utility, residential (up to 10,000 sq. m. in total). It is both a recreation center and a place for business meetings.”

Ziyad Manasir is one of 12 children of an army officer in the Kingdom of Jordan. Born in Amman, educated in the USSR. His main business is connected with contracts with Gazprom through Stroygazconsulting. The co-owner of the company was Olga Grigorieva, the daughter of a friend and former colleague of Vladimir Putin. The Manasir family owns two apartments in Kapranov Lane in the same elite residential complex "Park House", where the chairman of Gazprom, Alexei Miller, also settled.

Son-in-law with a salary of 2 million rubles a day

Manasir's Stroygazconsulting firm built hundreds of facilities for Gazprom: gas pipeline systems, roads, sports and recreation complexes, office buildings, wells. In 2013, apparently, Manasir and Gazprom had a conflict, since Stroygazconsulting stopped receiving contracts.

By 2015, Manasir was forced to completely sell the Stroygazconsulting he had created. Gazprombank and United Capital Partners investment fund became the new owners. At the same time, Miller himself appeared among the owners of Gazprom's largest contractor, and his son-in-law, 27-year-old Alexander Kuznetsov, who had never worked at Stroygazconsulting before, became the company's vice president, the authors of the investigation report. Stroygazconsulting itself was later registered with a network of offshore companies; four offshore companies in the British Virgin Islands became the ultimate owners.

Kuznetsov is the main purchasing person in all of Gazprom with a salary of two million rubles a day, a collection of sports cars and a penthouse for 760 million. At 31, Kuznetsov is made the main person in the entire holding responsible for logistics. He is responsible at Gazprom for literally all deliveries: from gas pipes worth tens of billions of rubles and gas pumping units to chocolate products for the needs of Gazprom, according to Navalny's team. Hundreds of billions of rubles pass through Gazprom Komplektatsiya, which is managed by Kuznetsov. Only on the site with public procurement, you can find tenders for more than two trillion. Miller's young son-in-law manages all this money.

Denominations from Zhytomyr and the driver-co-owner of the largest contractor of Gazprom

All dachas, cars, apartments, and even the stolen contractor of Gazprom, Stroygazconsulting, assets worth hundreds of billions of rubles, rest against the Seychelles offshore Valenta, the authors of the investigation found out. The formal owner of this offshore, that is, everything in general, is 36-year-old Ukrainian Vadim Tregub. The offshore pays dividends to its shareholder annually: 1.2 billion rubles in 2019, 970 million in 2020.

Vadim's uncle's name is Sergei Tregub, a former intelligence officer who rose to the rank of colonel and retired. In 2006, he participated in the tearing apart of Yukos assets. As part of the receivership of the company that was taken from Khodorkovsky, Tregub became director of two subsidiaries. The Prana company, represented by Tregub, received the former office of Yukos at the auction. Journalists then wrote that the company was acting in the interests of Gazprom. Tregub Sr.'s driver, Sergei Furin, owns a quarter of the assets of Gazprom's mega-contractor, Gazstroyprom. In addition, he is a staff member of Gross Group D, which manages Alexey Miller's assets.

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