Blogger Inse Lander was denied entry to Georgia. She escaped from house arrest and spends several days at the border

Georgia denied entry to a blogger from Kabardino-Balkaria Inse Lander, according to the Free Russia Foundation. Lander escaped from house arrest and spends several days at the border.

“Georgian border guards have not let Insu through for almost five days, despite the fact that she faces a prison term in Russia. She spends the night in the neutral zone between the two countries. She has no food and water - they are given to her by people who cross the border themselves, ”says the organization. The Free Russia Foundation also stated that the Commissioner for Human Rights in Georgia was not allowed to see Lander.

On June 12, when Lander tried to cross the border, Georgian border guards took her to an office, interrogated her for two hours, and issued a document refusing entry "for other reasons." As Lander herself said, she was also persuaded to return to Russia with the words: “You don’t want to be taken back by force?” Another border guard took away her application for political asylum.

Insa Lander was under house arrest on charges of assisting terrorism (part 1 of article 205.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The case is based on an eight-year-old correspondence. The Federal Security Service of Russia for the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic believes that from January 19 to April 24, 2014, Insa "involved and recruited into terrorist activities" her acquaintance, Duguzhev Umarbiya (Umar).

According to her testimony, Insa met Duguzhev around 2010–2011. The case file <is at the disposal of the editors - The Insider> says that Duguzhev intended to enter into a Muslim marriage with Insa, she was also recruiting him. Moreover, judging by the dates in the case file, she began recruiting him five days after her mother's death. Since mid-2014, she moved from the KBR to Moscow, worked as a cleaner in a restaurant and a copywriter, returned to the KBR once or twice a year.

As reported in the case file, Insa wrote to Duguzhev: “... so that Allah takes you to him in the best possible way”, “on the path of Allah and the need for active actions”, “Allah honored you with a struggle on his path”, “Everything is in your hands” and etc.

According to the investigation, with these expressions, Insa tried to persuade Duguzhev to "participate in armed formations and terrorist organizations." The same opinion is shared by Duguzhev himself, who gave essentially the same explanation for each phrase: “I understood these statements in such a way that Oguzova I. wanted me at that time to join the banned illegal armed groups and terrorist organizations, where I took would have taken part in hostilities and after death Allah would have taken me to himself”, “she wanted me to go to Syria to participate in hostilities on the side of participants in terrorist structures, and that this is a fard, that is, the duty of a Muslim.”

“When I corresponded with Duguzhev, only five days had passed since the death of my mother,” Insa explained. “I was under a lot of stress. He brought his condolences, I accepted them and said that my relatives consider me to be the culprit in the death of my mother (broke her, did not obey, etc.). We resented this, he advised us to pray more. And in the process of moving the topic to religion, we talked about the type of actions in it. Once again - the words "jihad", "kafirs", "cut-kill" were not there. I said that it is easier for him to stand out in religion and do charitable things, but for me, a woman, I can only give birth to children or study, and everyone always inclines towards the first. She said that if she were a man, she wouldn’t sit still and in general - look at Said, do you think he chose for a long time?

Shortly before Insa was detained and testified in her case, Duguzhev was already on the radar of the FSB. On July 29, the Zolsky District Court of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic considered the case of 1-134/2021 Duguzhev Umarbiy Muharbievich, accused under Article 205.6 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (failure to report a crime). He did not appear in court. The case was considered for a month, the sentence was a fine.

As it became known to The Insider, a few months after the lenient sentence, Duguzhev was already testifying about a certain acquaintance who crossed the border of the Russian Federation and Syria and was on the international wanted list. The case was similarly based on correspondence.

Recall that Insa Lander was detained in the town of Baksan, Kabardino-Balkaria, on December 9. She was brought to the FSB office in Nalchik, and later that day the court placed her under house arrest until February. Insa is known for her posts about people posting bank card numbers online. Much of her Twitter account is devoted to such revelations. In addition, Insa participated in the program "Male / Female" as the author of an investigation about a woman who sold half-naked pictures of her 13-year-old daughter. Insa provided evidence that her mother sells candid photographs on specialized sites on the Internet.

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